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With Dr. Laurie Hoke As Your Consultant

… You’re partnered with unparalleled educational professionalism by choosing Dr. Hoke as your special education advocate. Working as both a psychologist and special education administrator has given Dr. Hoke great insight into the questions parents need to ask (and often do not) in order to obtain and modify your child’s special education services such as an IEP or 504 plan.

It starts with your plan for succeeding at school meetings. Dr. Hoke advises, prepares, and coaches you for school meetings.  You will be armed with the appropriate questions to ask during school meetings and be informed of all entitlements your child needs and deserves.  Her expertise in the facilitation of such school meetings makes her the perfect resource for parents

Working with families for the past 20+ years has given Dr. Hoke insight into the fear and anxiety associated with your struggling learner, whether it’s academic or behavioral.  These experiences have provided her with the skills to assist you with the out of the box thinking that is often needed when working to achieve a school program that is effective for your child.

Throughout Dr. Hoke’s tenure working in education, she has interacted with students and their parents to ensure everyone has a complete understanding of the process to secure the best possible results for your student.  This process includes customized educational assessments, guiding school meetings, and your overall rights as parents. If needed, as your special education consultant, she will also offer to partner you with other specialists to contribute on your behalf.

Whether your child is not getting their needs met, or your child’s school is requesting a special meeting with you, she can be an invaluable asset for parents.  If your child has severe disabilities that require additional services and/or placement, she is available to provide parents with the clear, distinct information that will help them successfully navigate this process.

Awards, Accolades, and Accreditations

  • Doctorate in Educational Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois.
  • Master of Education in School Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Michigan State University.
  • More than 23 years of experience as a practicing School Psychologist.
  • More than 5 years as a Special Education Administrator.
  • The RESULT:  Extensive knowledge of children’s behavioral, social, emotional, and educational development.

Contact Special Education Guru today to schedule your initial meeting.  Simply contact Special Education Guru at 1-847-778-9415, or email Dr. Hoke directly at laurie@specialeducationguru.com.  Your introductory meeting is available by phone, video chat, or in-person.