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Letters Specific to Your Child’s Needs

Do you need a special education letter template?

Dr. Hoke has worked as both a psychologist and special education administrator for more than 20-years. Armed with this level of experience, she understands how to successfully write school letters specific to your child’s needs. Whether you need to request an IEP meeting, modify your existing IEP, need a 504 plan, an MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports), a special education assessment, and more, she can help…

Today, Special Education Guru offers the following letter templates for purchase:
* 504 Request
* MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) Request
* Special Education Evaluation Request

After purchasing a letter, you will simply need to add your child’s name (and potentially their diagnosis/academic issue). Additionally, within the form letter, it indicates whom the letter should be sent to within the school system.

In order to purchase one of the Special Education Guru letter temples, simply contact us. We will send you instructions on how to pay via Venmo or ACH. In return, we will send you the letter within 24-hours.

If you need a different type of letter to request a special education service from your child’s service, please let us know. We can customize a letter to meet your needs.