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5 tips to get your children ready for a great school year!

Parents, here we go!  Most schools are open for the full day to start the year. Some students have never experienced this while others have had a very long break from full day in person school days. Here are 5 tips to get your children ready for a great start to this year no matter what new changes may arise.

  • Bedtime: We all let things slide during the summer. Bedtime is a biggie. Make that dreaded early wake up on that first day less challenging by starting to dial back bedtimes. Put your kids to bed 30 minutes earlier each day.
  • Masks: Most schools are requiring masks while indoors. Start reinforcing proper mask wearing for longer periods of time. Remind them to keep those masks over their mouth and nose!
  • Shorten your morning routines by preparing at night. Set out clothes the night before. Make lunches the night before. Prep breakfast ahead as much as possible. Make sure backpacks are packed and by the door. This eliminates 2 huge things from the morning rush to get out of the house. (and minimizes the chance of forgetting anything!)
  • Homework: Establish an after school routine right away. Things get busy. There’s dance and soccer and school activities etc. Have a routine that is predictable but flexible if needed. (ie. Homework right after school then playtime or play for a designated time then homework). Have snacks ready for your kids. Most of them have not had anything to fuel them for 3-4 hours. Designate places for homework that are close to you so you can assist where needed and can make sure they are making the most of their time. Use timers to help them learn time management. If they don’t have any specific homework…THEY SHOULD READ A BOOK! This should be part of homework time on a daily basis.
  • Video Games: Research indicates that there is a strong correlation between playing video games frequently and difficulty attending in school. If at all possible, please eliminate this activity from the morning routine. If your child is an early riser, have coloring books and crayons, or a book at the ready! After school, use video games as a reward for finishing homework. Set a time limit, for this activity especially during the week. House video games outside of your child’s bedroom so that they do not play when they should be sleeping!